Importance of Color and Web Fonts in Website Design

Your website needs to be very clean and beautiful, make sure it has a proper layout, colors, fonts etc. Your website structure should not be like, whenever a user visits, it immediately leaves due to the design and colors you have used. You need to select color and design which are user-friendly and attractive. It will help you to reduce the bounce rate.

In a website, a tiny thing could make a big impact, your website's fonts, color, and structure, either it can make your sale or it can break your sale, depending upon your website's layout. Hence, you should always concentrate on tiny matters when designing a website.

Why proper selection of color and font is important to your website?

You must choose color and font which actually suits your website, whenever a user visits your website, he feels according to layout, color schemes and fonts you have chosen. If your website consists of a very dark background and fonts of which makes difficult for users to read, it will adversely affect your sale.

Importance of COLOR on your website

Color plays a pivotal role in your website; it represents your website and brand. Here is the list of importance of color on your website:

  • Color, on your website, is a unique identity of your business.
  • It can change the perception of customers about your business.
  • It can help in grabbing the attention of potential customers, and to make a sale.

Importance of FONTS on your website

Fonts are another important thing for your website, which you need to keep them readable and simple. Here is the list of importance of fonts on your website:

  • Fonts speak louder than words.
  • Use the fonts that convey knowledge and feelings.

Now, which colors and fonts you should use while designing your website?

Which colors and fonts are better for a website?

As we have seen, both of them are very significant for any website and you should choose color and font type based on your website.

Choosing colors for your website

You should select the color scheme by considering that, the selected color scheme will trigger more responses and will grab users' attention. Here is the elaboration of how and which color you should select for your website.

1. Select the color that complements your brand image, products or service:

The selection of color scheme is depended upon your product, service or the type of your business.

For example, for medical services, airlines and law firms cool colors such as green and blue are ideal, while if you own a restaurant or food website, you should go for warm colors such as red, orange or yellow.

2. Color contrast

Color contrast plays a significant role to deliver proper text readability. You need to make a sharp contrast in your website's background and the text color. Maintaining proper color contrast would enable viewers to read your website's content in detail, which lead to a lower bounce rate.

The best way to have an ideal color contrast is to use a light background with dark text or vice versa.

Choosing fonts for your website

There are numbers of fonts available, but you should choose the right font for your website, that matches your business website type. Here is the elaboration of how and which type of font you should use:

1. Ask a designer to define different font styles to you

An expert web designer can help you in defining all the fonts if you don't have knowledge about the science of fonts. The expert web designer has worksheet defining all font styles and their elements for your website including, paragraph text, headers (H1 to H6), navigation, links etc.

The web designer expert would know it better and suggest you which font style is better for your type of business website.

2. Don't use complicated fonts

When it comes to fonts for your website, you should always choose fonts that are not complicated and that can maintain your users' readability. Using too much creativity would make complicated for your visitors to read properly and ultimately it would lead to a high bounce rate.

Mostly, keeping it simple and the font that is easy to read, would engage your visitors with your content and would increase your conversion rate.


So, the selection of a proper color and font style for your website is totally based on the type of your business website. But keeping your website simple and easy to read would keep your visitors engaged with your content.