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How to Minify your CSS code? You can minify your css file online and compress your CSS code by removing useless white spaces,indentation characters,line breaks,newlines,empty CSS declarations,indentation,and comments.

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What is Minification | Why minify JS, HTML, CSS files?

Minify CSS / CSS Compressor / Unminify CSS - Online free CSS minifiers can absolutely improve your web page performance by decreasing the size of your stylesheet and it will increase page load time. Up to 40% website visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load,1-second delay (or 3 seconds of waiting) reduces customer satisfaction by about 16%. So bottom line, you need to speed up your web page load time.

Your website has to load a lot of static files like CSS, JavaScript, and Images. These elements are not optimized, the web page size will increase. A website's performance depends on the page size, so you need this code to be as clean and fast as possible. Bigger the file size, longer is the time it takes to load, thereby impacting the overall website speed.

Optimize,Minify,Beautify And Reduce Your Css Size

body {
    line-height: 1
ul {
    list-style: none
q {
    quotes: none
.text-info {
    color: #1d1c1c;
    font-size: 16px;
    font-weight: bold

Minified CSS


What is Minification?

Minification is the process of removing unnecessary spaces, formatting, and comments from the files. Generally, the file types of HTML, CSS, and JS should be minified in order to improve the page loading speed. As search engines like Google penalize slow loading pages, it is necessary to optimize these resource files. In addition, all images on a site should be optimized for search engines so that the page can load faster and provide the better user experience.

The importance of minifying your CSS and JAVASCRIPT file to improve SEO?

Is minifying(compress css) or unminifying your CSS and JavaScript important for the success and growth of your small online business?.

BecauseBecause more users are navigating websites, looking for something to buy, using their smart devices, and Google making Mobile device speed as an important ranking factor,your online business has to load within 2 seconds,or less - If you want to keep you would be shoppers and not have them leave your site and go to your competitor's because of your slow website. This css minifier (compress css) and an unminify css tool are to help you to the better web and mobile experience.

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